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    EEPC 5.2 on Win7PE


      I have a Winpe XP boot disk created with BartPE and the safeboot plugin.  It works great and we are able to recover data on non bootable systems.  The problem I have is newer machines I don't have hard drive drivers for Xp.  They don't have them to download any more, it is all Win 7 or 8.

      I have been messing with Winbuilder and creating a Win 7 boot disk.  I have a boot disk that can see the drive.  I have my plugin on there but I can't authenticate sbfs it doesn't see the token.  I am thinking the plugin stuff i have for Bartpe is old Xp and not working with my Win 7 boot pe.  I had to update sbalg.sys and safeboot.sys to get the OS to load the drives.  I am missing something else?

      I see boot disks for later versions of EEPC but I didn't think those would work with my 5.2 system or would they?  I wasn't able to get those to come up and see my drive so I assumed they wouldn't work with my version of EEPC.