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    USB mouse problem


      Help with USB Mouse Problem

      When I boot up my PC in the morning the usb mouse does not work and the pointer remains frozen in the middle of the window. If I use the keyboard to restart the computer it re-boots and the mouse works perfectly. If I shut down the PC and leave the power off for a time then restart the mouse works OK. It seems that something that occurs overnight stops the mouse connecting. The only two things I can think of are temperature and a possible scheduled task that is set to run first thing every morning.  I am unaware of any task that I have scheduled and I have made sure there are no scheduled McAfee scans. Does anyone know if there is a scheduled McAfee update or something that always starts first thing in the morning that could seriously delay or stop my mouse from working. Or any other suggestion?

      I have windows XP with automatic updates turned off. The mouse is connected via an external usb hub,

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          Peter M

          This is more a question for a Windows forum or one dealing with your particular brand of mouse.  I sometimes see that in my wireless mouse and switching it off and on usually fixes it.  Unplugging, waiting a few seconds and then repluggging a wired one should act similarly.   Also if you are in the habit of sending your machine to sleep or hibernation, rather than powering it off, you will see this behaviour more.   Security software wouldn't be the factor here.


          I trust your XP is up to date, i.e. SP3 and all updates since, as soon it will no longer be supported by McAfee software.    You should think about upgrading to at least Windows 7 SP1.

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            Peter M

            BTW I neglected to answer one part of your question regarding McAfee updates.  They occur daily so it could be that you see every morning, but it would only happen if your machine was booted up.   They shouldn't cause problems with mice.  As I said any computer needs to be rebooted from time to time, so I would shut down Windows and power off when not in use.

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              Thanks for the reply

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                Peter M

                You're welcome.