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    Tagging, overlapping and moving systems


      We are in the process of deploying McAfee ePO and VSE to an environment with many different domains/DMZ's.

      Servers are named with many different prefixes (like DB, AP and TS for database, application and terminal servers - just to name a few)


      We'd like our System Tree grouped per domain / DMZ like:


      My Organization

      - Domain1

      - - NetBackup

      - - MyApp

      - Domain2

      - Domain3

      - Lost&Found

      - - Domain1

      - - Domain2

      - - Domain3


      So we created a tag for the domain "Domain1", a query for the tag "Domain1" and a task to move servers found by the query "Domain1" from Lost&Found to the subgroup "Domain1". Easy.


      We aim to keep the number of different policies at a minimum, but we might need to exclude certain things on select servertypes, so have also created subgroups below the "Domain1" called "NetBackup" and "MyApp" and initially moved some systems manually to fx the "NetBackup" subgroup to exclude certain files.


      The problem is, that when the server task that moves servers from Lost&Found runs, it also finds servers in the the rest of the System Tree incl. the subgroups "NetBackup" and "MyApp" (servername matching AP*) subgroups and moves the servers back up into "Domain1" group - and they loose their special policies.


      Then I thought, maybe I can just change the tag, so it finds all the "Domain1" systems but excludes systems matching fx AP*, so i.e. for every subgroup below "Domain1" (that needs non-standard policies), I can exclude them from the standard "Domain1" tag - so the "main" "Domain1" task will move all except the MyApp (AP*) servers - and then the dedicated "Domain1 AP" task will move the MyApp (AP*) servers to the MyApp subgroup.


      But alas, theres are no Comparisson Operator called "Does not start with" or "Does not contain pattern" and none the others works.


      I know someone has used a hack of exporting to XML, modifying and importing, but then you cannot change it via the GUI without getting it overwritten.


      Is there no other way to make ePO NOT moving servers already in the My Organization around? I only want it to move systems from Lost&Found.


      Anyone with experience with overlapping tags, queries and automatic moving?