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    False positive feedback




      One of our legitimate file viewing softwares is being marked as malware:

      http: //joyfax.com/download/JoyfaxServerDEMO.exe


      Please check and confirm this a false positive.  There is no malware contained or bundled into our software.


      The Virus-total scanning report could be found at:

      https://www.virustotal.com/zh-cn/file/c01fef023ab1b278038e5e4287e96c46bcd62e716a 4ce83f062ee93db264510b/analysis/1418481604/

      McAfee                    Artemis!2872F1EBF3B3      20141213

      McAfee-GW-Edition Artemis                             20141213


      I tried to submit the file to your site, but failed, and get NO RESPONSE via email.


      Please advice!


      Thank you,