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    Bulk Edit of Data Sources


      We regularly change the password to our domain service accounts. Is there a way to bulk update the account used to pull WMI logs on our Windows data sources instead of manually updating it on every data source?

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          Hi Drew,


          Did you try to use the System Profiles?


          Go to the ESM Properties > Profile Management > System Profiles > Add


          Profile Type  = Data Source

          Profile Agent = Windows

          Username = domain\user

          Password = ****

          Event Logs = ?

          Interval = ?


          The update your datasource to use this profiles by checking the box and selecting it in each datasources



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            Ah, yes I forgot about that.


            It looks like the previous ESM Admin didn't use profiles in this way so it looks like I will have to create a profile and assign it to each data source manually at lease the first time. From then on it will be a simple matter of updating the profile.


            Thanks for the quick answer!