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    McAfee Using 30-90% cpu constantly


      Hey i'm having difficulties with my mcafee using way too much of my cpu and it isn't running any scans or anything else. I'm running windows 8.1 and if you need anything else to help just ask

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          Peter M

          It's difficult to say what could cause this.   Firstly make sure the Windows is completely up to date, including IE11, even if you never use it, McAfee does.

          It could be reacting to several things:

          • Infection - check the last link below for some hints and tools
          • If you use onboard email rather than Cloud, do you store emails in your email client Inbox?  If so try moving them to sub-folders for storage.  McAfee will scan those constantly otherwise.
          • Other security software installed, are there any?


          Run the Virtual Technician to see if it can find and fix any issues.  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          If that doesn't help then contact Technical Support as they can fix things quickly and it's free of charge, see link below.


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            I ran the Virtual Technician and it said everything was fine and I noticed that after that the cpu usage has dropped down to about 7-10% which is  way better. I'll check it in the morning to see if it is still the same or if it just did something for the short term to make it work better.

                 But for now it has seemed to work

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                                 As Colleague Ex_Brit stated, there could be numerous of variables involved which could impede your OS performance. In addition to his excellent advice,


                                   1- Keep up regular maintenance by using the Disk Clean utility in Windows/McAfee Quick Clean( exclude ) Registry.

                                   2- Your Task scheduler should perform a (weekly) Defragmentation (Automatically)

                                   3- Inspect your Browsers for excessive (Add-ons) and Control Panel for unnecessary  Programs (Junkware)

                                   4- In addition, on occasion one can inadvertently Download/Install programs that are bundled with other programs, that can cause performance issues.

                                   5- In addition, to include High Latency.


              Just thought I would add that...


              All the very Best,


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                Peter M

                If the software was fairly new then it may have been simply doing it's initial scan of everything and once that's done it settles down and only scans new stuff.   That's a thought but whether or not it happened here I can't tell.

                Anyway, good luck ;-)