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    McAfee Asset Manager 6.6 Issues


      I have read the MVM Product guide, Install guide, integration guide, and configuration guide for both console & sensor. The step outlined in KB75831 (How do I connect the Asset Manager Sensor to the Asset Manager Console?) I have completed.

      The steps are:

      Use the following steps to update the IP address and port used report to the Asset Manager Console:

      1. Select Configuration in the Module Selection bar.
      2. Select the System Parameters tab, and click Console. You see The MAM console page.
      3. To send information to an Asset Manager Console, select Report to Console and specify the necessary IP address and port information.

        NOTE: The port must remain 63223. Do not change this.
      4. Click Save.


      I have the console & Sensor on 2 separate VM servers and by the guide the sensor should be reporting to the console. However we are only seeing one IP, the Console IP.




      The following steps are where its failing: (None of the sensors are showing)


      Create a new directory

      This section describes how to create a new directory.

      1 - In the Navigation tree, right-click the node in which you want to create a directory folder, then select New. A new folder entity is added to the tree.


      Note-A Sensor can be assigned to only one directory at a time


      2 - Assign a Sensor to a directory

      This section describes how to assign a collector to a directory.

      3 - Task - Open Sensor Pane icon. Select the IP address of the Sensor, and drag and drop the Sensor onto the relevant directory in the Navigation tree.

      Note - A Sensor can be assigned to only one directory at a time. If the Sensor has already been assigned to a different directory, it will no longer appear in the Sensor pane.


      4 -  Repeat this step as necessary.


      Note - To view the Sensors assigned to a specific directory, expand the corresponding node in the tree.



      Is there a better detailed checklist available?