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    Regarding VSE engine versions for VSE 8.8 on EPO 5.1.1




      we have the following questions regarding VSE engine versions on EPO 5.1.1. As I read the current VSE engine version is 5700.7163. But the EPO dashboard snap-in “Repository Package Status” is showing engine version 5600.1067.6407 in “Available”. The “latest master repository pull” is showing “12/12/14 1:00:00 AM” and is up-to-date. We are checked in the VSE engine version 5700.7163.7163 in “Evaluation branch”.



      1. Why the current engine version 5700.x is not available in EPO dashboard snap-in “Repository Package Status” in “Available” engine section?


      We had trouble with moving installed repository packages between branches. So I want to have the former VSE engine version 5600.1067.6407 for manual master repository check-in.


      2. Where I can download that former VSE engine EPO master repository installer package version 5600.1067.6407?


      Thanks for providing help.



      Greetings from Germany