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    Installation of Move 3.5




      Installed EPO 5.1 on Wndows Server 2012 R2 DC with integrated Move 3.5.Added  below mentioned extensions .

      Followed steps which are mentioned in product guide except addition of SVA Manger as we have single Offload Scan server.





      Need a help to setup a Offload scan server.Post installation how and where to add the Offoad Scan sever IP?

      When and how to deploy MOVE Client?


      Kindly help

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          posted originally in the DLP group - not sure why.

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            Are you still having trouble? It's been a while since we did our initial deployment but i think most of the configuration for MOVE is done through EPO policies. To set up the Offload Scan Server, if I recall, you install the agent from EPO (go to system tree and then new system), then once its a managed client, deploy VSE, and MOVE from EPO to the new scan server. The rest was pretty much all policy configuration. So you basically modify the MOVE policies to tell your clients where to look for a scan server or the SVA Manager. Hope this helps.

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              Hi @amarj,

              if you use Move Multiplatform environment without SVA manager just install the components. In my example the software is deployed through EPO and the extensions for Move AV Multiplatform Client and Move AV Offload Scan Server are already installed.
              I would suggest the Move Multiplatform Extension HF988957 (MOVE-AV_Ext_3.5.0.552_HF988957.zip)


              EPO Master Repository
              1) MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Offload Scan Server: MOVE-AV_Offload_Scan_Server_3500.zip

              2) MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Client: MOVE-AV_Client_3500_WIN.zip


              Offload Scanner

              1) Deploay Virusscan Enterprise 8.8 P4

              2) Deploy Offload Scanner Plugin


              Move Client
              1) Deploy Move Multiplatform Client


              Policies for Move AV multiplatform Offload Scanner
              MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Offload Scan Server 3.5:
              - Unmark  "Register this Offload Scan Server with MOVE SVA Manager".


              Policies for Move AV Multiplatform Client:
              General Policies: you dont need to add the Offload Scanner IP here if you are using Move Multiplatform 3.5.

              Offload Scan Server Assignement: Check "Assign Offload Scan Server manually" and add the Offload Scanner IP here.



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                Thanks ..followed the same steps.

                Installed  SVA Manger with two Offload Scan servers in production.

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                  Richard Carpenter

                  Hi amarj


                  Di this resolve you issue?


                  If so would you be kind enough to mark as answered so others can benefit from your question.

                  Many Thanks



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                    Followed the same steps as mentioned by troja and installed  SVA Manger with two Offload Scan servers

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                      are the oss servers communicating with the SVA manager correctly ?

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