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    Upgrade McAfee EEPC 5.x to DE 7.1


      Dear All,


      I have EEPC 5.2.1 and i want to upgrade to EEPC 7.x. I had confused about version that support upgrade directly to DE 7.1.

      "Migrating to ePO management and DE 7.1.x / EEPC 7.0.x
      EEPC 5.2.1 and later can migrate directly to EEPC 7.0 and ePO management. As of the release of McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE) 7.1, the only legacy EEPC versions that will be supported for a direct migration will be EEPC 5.2.6 or 5.2.12 and later". McAfee KnowledgeBase - End of Life and End of Sale for Endpoint Encryption for PC 5.2.x

      So i must upgrade EEPC 5.2.1 to EEPC 7.0 (not 7.1) or can upgrade directly to DE 7.1 like this "You can upgrade systems installed with EEPC 5.x directly to DE 7.1. Follow the procedure described in PD24870?" McAfee KnowledgeBase - Supported Platforms, Environments, and Operating Systems for Drive Encryption 7.1.x



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          Because EEPC5.2.1 was EOL when 7.1 was released, it was not tested for upgrade, thus the lack of official support.


          it may work, it may not - it's unknown. You can test it yourself, or if you want to follow supported processes only, you'll need to either upgrade 5.2.1 to 5.2.13 and then go to 7.1, or go 5.2.1>7.0 and then 7.0> 7.1


          Regardless though, 5.2.1 is EOL since March 2014 so you won't be able to get any support for the upgrade - my advice therefore would be to do your own validation of a 5.2.1>7.1 upgrade to save on that intermediate step first. If it works it will save you a lot of effort.

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            Thanks SafeBoot!