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    The SSL handshake could not be performed


      We are the vendor of a Software as  a Service (SAAS)


      One of our clients customers cannot access our SSL encrypted webpage and receive the error from their gateway of "The SSL handshake could not be performed"


      They have worked around it by getting out their mobile and using that instead to access us, but of course I would like to remedy any worries the gateway may have.


      I have googled about but cannot find any recent posts on the subject, our clients customer thinks it maybe to do with new POODLE vunerablitys found yesterday (8th Dec 14)  to that end I tested our URL with the following sites (one McAfee and one independent) and got a clean bill of health, what else should I be checking (in the light of SHA-2 we are using reissued certificates and have disabled SSL3).


      Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / SSL Server Test

      SSL Certificate Checker - Check for vulnerabilities like HeartBleed