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    MOVE 3.5 MP Tag Based OSS Assignment Rules Not Working

    Scott Sadlocha

      Hello All,

      I am having an issue with MOVE 3.5 Multi-Platform, and I was hoping someone could help. I have three Offload Scan Servers set up, and I want to route various server types to specific OSS devices. To do this, I am planning to use Tag Based assignment rules. I have looked at the Product Guide and followed the documentation exactly, yet the assignment rules are not working for me. My thought is, when setting up the rule, you are stating "Any server with x tag will be assigned to an Offload Scan Server with y tag." I set up the tags I needed, with a tag of OSS1 for the clients, and Offload Scan Server 1 for the OSS. My thoughts are, if this works, I will set up two more rules. The rule seems relatively simple and I have it set up as follows:


      OSS Rule 1.JPG


      OSS Rule 1-2.JPG


      However, I have two test servers set up. Both of them have the OSS1 tag, yet one of them is assigned to OSS1 (which has its respective tag) and the other is assigned to OSS2. Is anyone aware of any setting that would override the Tag Assignment Rule? Any help would be greatly appreciated.