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    ePO Installation to reach restricted Subnet ?


      Good Day All,

      I have four different subnets in my Setup. I have already installed ePO in ' Server 1 ' with ePO database in ' Server 2 ' in my Internet Subnet (Let me call Subnet A). And it has AD and it is doing well with its clients. I am not able to install McAfee agent and update policies, updates to all my users (clients) in three other subnets (Let me call Subnets B,C & D ) as they are not allowed any connection to Subnet A.


      I have another Server (Server 3) in Subnet A with Multiple NIC Cards to communicate with All systems in the Subnets B, C and D. But the catch is, this server will disconnect itself from Subnet A while connecting with other subnets and viceversa; Server 3 will disable NIC Cards by running a Batch file through Windows Schedule.


      How can I install McAfee Agen and send policy updates to all systems in Subnets B, C & D ?

      Can I install another ePO in Server 3 to serve Subnets B, C and D ?

      In this case how can Server 3 contact ePO database Server 2 when it have no connection with Subnet A ?

      Can Rogue Sensor be installed in Server 2 ? If yes What is the setup with respect to above scenario ?


      Thank in Advance