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    OSPF configuration?


      Hi all,


      I need to configure ospf on Mcafee NGFW, but i got this message when i start quagga:

      root@NGFW1:/etc/quagga# ls



      root@NGFW1:/etc/quagga# sg-dynamic-routing restart

      Dynamic routing can only be configured with single node or with standby clustering

      (online node).

      root@NGFW1:/etc/quagga# vtysh


      Exiting: failed to connect to any daemons.


      Does anyone have any ideas?



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          I recommend that you create the 'ospfd.conf' using the sample config. This will automatically create also 'system.conf' 'vtysh.conf' 'zebra.conf'


          root@FW:~# ls /data/config/quagga/

          root@FW:~# sg-dynamic-routing sample-config ospfd

          root@FW:~# ls /data/config/quagga/

          ospfd.conf  system.conf  vtysh.conf  zebra.conf

          root@FW:~# sg-dynamic-routing restart

          Stopping dynamic routing suite

          Stopping Quagga daemons:

          zebra (pid=17605)

          sgpimd not started...

          isisd not started...

          ospf6d not started...

          ospfd (pid=17910)

          ripngd not started...

          ripd not started...

          bgpd (pid=17616)

          zebra not started...


          Quagga stopped

          Starting Quagga...

          Starting Quagga daemons: zebra ospfd



          Works for me.

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            Thank petteris,


            I solved my problem. The problem is i did not bind my license to the Firewall. Binding license and it worked correctly.

            And you're right about recommend using the command sg-dynamic-routing sample-config ospfd. If not, it'll issue a missing file error.