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    EETech 7.1 (aka DETech) standalone usb creation help


      Hi all


      Hopefully somebody will have gone through this already.


      We have recently upgraded our EPO server to 4.8 and we have pushed out version 7.1 agents and software to a select group of machines to see if any issues appeared after the upgrade, I then wanted to test if out EEtech usb pens would still work it turns out we need to make some new ones, so my question is:  are there any detailed step by step instructions on how to Create  DETech 7.1 usb bootable pen, we need to have the standalone version as we have to have the ability to emergency boot to the OS when required.


      I have spent days looking for this info but have been unsuccessful all I the links I found kept pointing to the same instructions

      DETech User Guide, Rev. B

      McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1.0

      For use with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.7 and 5.1.0 Software


      which does not work.