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    EETech/DETech for EE 7.0.2 help, please


      Hi all,


      Very new to this so I sincerely apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge.


      My organisation recently started using EE7.0.2 in our estate (previously 6.2), which is primarily comprised of Dell laptops running Windows 7.


      The field engineers who typically troubleshoot issues with encryption would be able to access files on the encrypted disk and/or perform an emergency boot using an older EETech disk created with BartPE.


      Since upgrading the version of EEPC, these disks no longer work, and I gather there should be a new version - I've logged into the McAfee site with our grant number and found EETech.zip which has enabled me to create a bootable CD/USB with Standalone EETech, which opens the EETech interface. This is great, but on the previous versions we had an options menu in the lower-left of the screen which would also give access to other utilities, including the aforementioned A43 Disk Utility. How do I add these in to my bootable iso/USB as well? I've followed the guide located at https://web.stanford.edu/dept/its/support/swde/eetech/eepc_700_eetech_user_guide _en-us.pdf - using the BartPE instructions - and the resulting disk gives me a Windows XP loading screen before a BSOD.


      I'm at a bit of a loss, really, and would be very grateful indeed for some guidance on this matter.