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    Performance: New Portal is Heavy!!!


      Hi guys,


      This is not necessarily a complain per se... but I don't think I'm alone in this.

      The new portal (I think even the old one), is heavy on the browser and consequently, on the computer.

      I'm sure McAfee web developers can figure out a way to implement the same features in a much lighter way, I'm running Chrome on a decent spec machine (quad, 4gb RAM), and I feel the weight of the website each time I open it. I'm specifically talking about the Service Portal (support.mcafee.com/ServicePortal/), but I remember the Partner login website wasn't that lighter either. Each time I open a tab with it, the whole browser feels the website, either loading, or just there.

      So, anyway for the developers to optimize the weight of the website? Functions, like opening requests, browsing through the portal in general, the whole thing is heavy! It makes submitting a threat a terrible sluggish experience, and this, considering every work and tasks a sys admin has, it would help us a lot if the service portal was fast, light and fully featured as it is. 


      Thanks for listening, and sorry about the rant :b