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    The on-access scanner and signature upgrade not working on a server 2008



      I have a problem on our new file server. The server was going crazy some time ago and had his processor was peaking 100% all the time. having seen that with Mcafee before, we removed the agent and virsuscan itself. The agent removed itself but for virusscan, we had errors over errors so in the end we were not able to remove it completely. So we simply disabled the online access  and the access protection. Since this is a vital server, doing that we were able to make it work again and we added a new virtual processor on it.


      Today, we have decided to try virusscan again.



      1- Installation of the agent - success

      2- Updating security -- working but not for the signature. It does not upgrade

      3- reaching virsuscan enterprise     

                - activation access protection - working

                - activation on access scanner not working

      4- tried to reach virus scan again but now I have this: Failed to connect to computer ".". The computer ma bi offline, it may be blocking ports etc...


      Made some research on the internet and solution like resetting the services did not work.


      What could be the source of the problem? Do you have any idea what could cause this?

      Have a nice day!


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