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    Event Log Reports Truncated


      We have SaaS Email Security through our ISP (Windstream) which we have just started using about 2 months ago. We would like to get a weekly or monthly log of all inbound emails(accepted and rejected). Just meta-data, ie. To, From, Date/Time, Subject. The email contents are not needed.

      When we run the Event Log from the Reports tab, we seem to be getting only a small portion of the emails received.

      EG. I ran the report for All Events for November. We normally would get 1000's of spam for a one month span. However, the report brings back 675 emails, all denied.

      How do I get a report of all emails received during the previous month?

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          Why not run a message audit report?

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            Hello mlfurgerson,


            franm is correct, you should be able to get what you are looking for via Message Audit.  If you do not see the Message Audit option (under your Email Protection) please contact your support team and request that it be enabled for your account.


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              Running a Message Audit Report only returns 1000 results.

              I get the message:

              "Notice: Search yields too many records; displaying first 1000 messages. Please narrow your search to see all results."

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                Brad McGarr



                The online display of Message Audit Results is limited to the first 1000 results of the timeframe requested. Downloading the results will usually bring an additional 100-200+ results over the 1,000, but we recommend narrowing the search results further to ensure you're getting all available results. This may include using smaller timeframes.


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