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    Select Statement for checking DAT compliance


      I need some help in writing a Select statement to be able to check compliance on a machine w.r.t. DATs. It is available on the ePO.


      select [EPOLeafNode].[NodeName], [EPOLeafNode].[LastUpdate], [EPOProdPropsView_VIRUSCAN].[datver], [EPOLeafNode].[AutoID] from [EPOLeafNode] left join [EPOProdPropsView_VIRUSCAN] on [EPOLeafNode].[AutoID] = [EPOProdPropsView_VIRUSCAN].[LeafNodeID] where ( [EPOProdPropsView_VIRUSCAN].[verDAT32Major] >= 7636 ) order by [EPOLeafNode].[NodeName] asc


      I needed to know how can I write the query in the SQL DB for it be able to determine the number 7636 or any other number as a matter of fact. Which table exactly stores this dynamic information?