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    Denial of Service alert problem


      Hi all,


      I am faced with the following issue at my customer, but they are not using Group Shield nor MSME.

      This issue is limited to two users sending completely different Excel spreadsheets. The one file is 2.5MB and the other is 3MB. When the user sends an internal email with an Excel attachment larger than 2MB, the receiving user only gets the email body with the following txt attachment stating:



      A denial of service protection limit was exceeded. The file has been removed.

      Context: '.xlsx' - removed filename due to company confidentiality

      Reason: The scan time limit was exceeded

      Limit: 1 minutes

      Ticket Number : 1db8-547c-3a61-0002

      See your system administrator for further information. Copyright 1999-2011 McAfee, Inc.All Rights Reserved.http://www.mcafee.com


      To my understanding and also having worked on MSME before, this time limit has to do with a MSME policy, but no MSME nor Group Shield is installed and running.

      My customer is running ePO 4.6.8 Build 278.


      Can someone please assist me in getting this issue resolved as I have never had this issue where MSME is not installed ?