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    Apparently no version for MAC


      Tech Support admits there is no Virtual Technician for the MAC, but the idiotic support page makes you attempt to run it anyhow and let it fail with some obtuse file not found error before proceeding.

      Really guys?

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          Peter M

          There is a way to avoid it.  Click the link to bring up the MVT installer but don't try to install it.

          Keep that Window active and then click the link to go to Phone/Chat Support again and it should go there.


          I don't own a MAC so not sure how that works for you but that's the way I found to get my way around that little hurdle but would advise anyone reading this with Windows NOT to do that as they will make you run it anyway.


          I agree it's very Windows-centric and they really should be able to detect you are using a MAC and not offer that.


          I will bring this up on our Monday Conference Call with McAfee.

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            I'll keep that in mind for when I want to skip it for Windows.   In fact, in the MAC you don't even have to download it, you just watch it fail to download and go on.

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              Peter M

              Interesting ;-)  All the best.