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    Unimpressed with Mac version


      Having used LiveSafe on a number of Windows machines, I decided since it "claims" to be multiplatform I'd give it a try on my MacBook Pro.

      After two days of dealing with TechSupport, I've come to the conclusion that McAfee really cares little about the Mac.    The thing not only has diminished functionality compared to the Windows version but many of the features that are there just don't work:


      1.   No Fast Scan

      2.   Scans have a progress bar, a field for currently scanned file, and total number of viruses found, but none of these ever updates while the scan is in progress.

      (It was necessary to go dig through the ActivityMonitor to find the background process to see if it was indeed running).

      3.   The log is by and large useless.   It gives no indication on vulnerabilities detected.

      4.   Likewise the quarantine doesn't give you a clue as to WHY the files are quarantined.

      6.   The HELP pages are fairly useless in their inadequacy.   Further many either describe the WINDOWS GUI rather than the Mac GUI or the are just plain wrong.


      Fortunately after playing with the MERS tool I found out where the actual "real logs" are stored and was able to find out what the threats that were deleted/quarantined are.


      Tech support seems to think that these problems are just OK as long as the SCAN finishes.   No formal procedure appears to exist to log these bugs as actual bugs that will reach the developers as serious problems.


      I don't have much confidence in this product.

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          Oh, and that doesn't begin to go through the fact that the support pages are lame for the Mac customer.   The "Virtual Technician" (which I suspect even if it worked would be a waste of time) just fails with an obtuse error (but you have to try to run it before they'll let you at the next support page.    TechSupport admits there is no Virtual Technician for OS/X.    Then after being routed to the Support page, there's no "offline" way of making an inquiry.    After opening an inquiry (even when you have to click MAC as opposed to Windows), I spent 30 minutes with a support technician who after ten minutes of running GoToAssist on my machine came to the realization that it wasn't Windows (duh) and was put back into a 40 minute hold queue for a Mac technician (not that he apparently had much more experience with the Mac as he doesn't even know basic things like how the Mac DOCK works).

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                                Being that neither of us Moderators use Mac Products. And I fully admit that I am not well-versed, if you will in regards. Your comments are indeed taken seriously, and your discontent to be included. Do you by chance have the (Service Request #) of your experience with Technical Support?


                                It is quite possible that our Forum Tech/Engineer can take a look at what transpired during your conversation with Technical Support. If nothing else direct you to an appropriate source of communication to resolve your Discontent.


            Kind Regards


            McAfee Community Moderator

            Consumer Products

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              Support issues for the Scan issues are here:  1617787862.


              As stated, I've not found a way to report things without launching into a phone/live chat situation and they don't seem to understand "I just want to report this bug rather than you explain to me why it's not a problem and I should be happy that it works at all."

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                                  While I thank you for the (Service Request #) which will go a long way at resolving your (Discontent). With all due respect, I beg of you to show where in any of my prior comments.."That You should be happy that it works at all"

                                   If I may, I am simply a Volunteer offering to assist customers/users such as yourself.


                                 So please, do not "Shoot the Messenger", if you will.


                Now.....I digress.

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                  Sorry, that comment wasn't directed at you, but at the attitude of the support technician (and the escalation supervisor).

                  I didn't mean to criticize you or anybody else on the forums.   This is a breath of fresh air.

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                    Peter M

                    There isn't really any "Bug Reporting" service except when software is in Beta testing and it's rare for anyone from those departments to see posts here.  The forums are mainly peer-to-peer support..   Technical Support is farmed out and they are only trained to fix the software. not forward suggestions for improvement.

                    You can suggest product changes/improvements here: Product Ideas (Consumer)  or Product Ideas (Corporate)


                    There are no MAC products in Beta testing at the moment but keep an eye on this link for future offerings if you are interested.  Beta Test Future Intel/McAfee Products for PC & MAC

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                      The behavior of scan on the MAC is clearly broken.   It gives you no feedback (though it appears it tries) from the time you press START until it finishes (in my case 14 hours later) or you cancel it.    However, since the scan eventually does complete and it removes and quarantines files (though ti doesn't tell you which ones or why...I had to go dig through hidden log files, no thanks to Tech support or any of the documentation to find them) Tech Support Declared the problem solved.   It's not, it's a serious bug in my opinion, not a "feature I wish to be implemented" but something the developers clearly intended to work (it puts the number of files scanned and the currently scanning file fields up just like on windows and a progress bar, but none are EVER updated).


                      It's clear that the Mac product was dumped on the product without a shred of testing and no real concern for whether it works or not just to say that such a product exists.   It's about as laughable as the completely non-existant version on iOS that the sales literature would have you believe came with your "all platforms" subscription.


                      They could at least hire a proofreader to remove the WINDOWS features from the MAC help so as not to give the users false hope and greater confusion.


                      Sorry to vent.   But I was sold a multiplatform product and I am inches away with protesting with AMEX to get my money back and switching to the competition.   I'd tolerate it if customer support gave me a shred of hope that these problems might be resolvable.

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                        Peter M

                        I can quite understand your frustration.  If you like I will ask our "resident" technician to take a look when he's next on duty.

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                                          No problem...We can understand your frustration. I might add if I may, Colleague Ex_Brit has indeed brought your issue up as a Topic of Conversation during our weekly Conference call tomorrow.


                          All the very Best,


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