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    Nothing Logged on Security History for Nine Days


      I've just looked at my Security History, but nothing has been logged on the Incoming Connections Blocked part since 19 November (today is 28 November), whereas they were blocked on a regular basis before then, often several in an hour. I have checked my McAfee with MVT during the last couple of weeks with only very minor problems appearing (and put right).


      Can anyone venture why nothing has been logged for the last nine days, and what this may signify? I have run several full McAfee scans in the intervening period, and a Stinger an hour ago after the Firewall stopped working for no apparent reason, but nothing nasty has been found.

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                                  If your McAfee Security Center shows (Green) all is good. I have experienced the same occurance in regards to (Security History). There has been many days accrued that nothing was blocked/per say. Please be self assured , that nothing being reported is a "Good Thing"


                                    A good thing to do is periodically simply check (Security Report) and it will inform you of any Actions taken since your last inspection of such. One can be overly concerned at times, however it is indeed comforting to acknowledge that your McAfee Protection is performing as expected.


          All the best


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                                   If you wish to have a (Second Opinion) you can scan with Malwarebytes (Free) DO NOT accept any Free Trial Offers or enable/Activate the Paid/Pro Version all throughout the Download/Installation process. The Free Version will suffice, and is a (Compliment) to your McAfee Protection.


                                     You may want to keep it onboard, simply update it before scanning.


                                  This Superb (Free) Tool and others can be obtained from the following link: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                                   To further ease your concerns, you can always run the McAfee (Mvt) Tool which will scan your McAfee Protection to check for issues, and attempt to resolve.http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/en-us/downloadindex.html Again.....


              Again,All the very Best


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                Thanks for that. I'll keep watch and see what happens.


                I do have the free versions of Malwarebytes and Adaware, but I only use them for secondary scanning; I don't use the in-time features as they clash with McAfee, which is my main anti-virus program. While we're on the subject, does the Windows Defender firewall that comes with the PC clash with McAfee's firewall?

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                  Only if you are running Windows 8/8.1. For Windows Defender contains (Anti-Vrus) Capabilities. As long as your OS is Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or earlier. You can indeed run along side your McAfee protection.


                  I am concerned that you have Adaware installed, for it is no longer considered Compatible with McAfee Products.


                  I would even suggest you (Uninstall) it even if you have the (RTS) Module Disabled. For Malwarebytes (Free) will suffice as a Superb Compatible (On Demand Scanner.


                  As for the Windows Firewall is concerned, there should be no issues. For it is managed by McAfee. May I ask what OS,and McAfee protection you are subscribed to?





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                    I have Windows 7, Service Pack 1.


                    I have McAfee Security Centre, details are 12.8, build 12.8.992, last update 29 October; Anti-Virus 16.8, build 16.8.821, last update today, 1 December; Firewall 13.8, build 13.8.724, last update 10 November.


                    When I installed Adaware, it stated that there was compatibility matters and automatically disabled everything except the virus scanner. I've left it as that and not tried to activate any of the disabled features. It has occasionally picked up the odd thing that McAfee and Malwarebytes didn't. In what way is having this part incompatible with McAfee? If it is likely to cause problems, then I will remove it.


                    Once again, thanks for your answer.

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                      Hi @paul_of_london,

                                            Since you are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Running Windows Defender along side your McAfee Protection is perfectly acceptable. As is Malwarebytes (Free) for it is designed to be compatible with Anti-Virus applications. Making it an Excellent (Compliment) to your McAfee.


                                            As for Adaware is concerned, I am hesitant to recommend for you to continue using it, as I am uncertain as to how it scans, since it added Anti-Virus capabilities to it,s Data Base. The way I look at it, you already have your McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Windows Defender monitoring also, and Malwarebytes (Free) for a (Second Opinion) On Demand Scanner.


                                              Unless quite possibly one of my Colleagues suggest other wise. I would (Uninstall) it to make sure there are no Conflicts with McAfee. Just my honest opinion....


                      All the very Best,


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                        Peter M

                        A thought here:  did anything change  for those nine days as far as your firewall and/or what your ISP uses to provide Internet service?


                        It would be feasible to have nothing in the report if, for instance, the firewall was locked down, or you were using the computer behind a commercial firewall on a private network.

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                          Actually I have gone for periods of time equal to, or longer. And had no connections blocked. Also, do you think the OP should keep Adaware installed, even with the (RTS) disabled? With McAfee/Windows Defender/Malwarebytes (Free) as a (ODS)  already installed, To be safe, I recommended to (Uninstall it) due to it now being incompatible with McAfee.

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