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    Machine and User accounts are getting automatically wiped from EEM.



      I have recently done OS migration of EEM/EEPC from 2003 32bit to 2008 32bit. Migration was successfully but after 5 days i had been reported with an issue with Error [db010010]: Object not found on client machine. i checked machine id on database but it was black in EEM. I checked machine in all groups, orphaned objects an in deleted machines but machine was not existed.

      i again created a new installation pack and installed on some testing machines with new user account. No issue found, but again after 2 days machines ID was not existed in database. And when i checked for user account is was not there too.


      I noticed one more weird thing that when i was installing new pack on client, it was generating machine id but with duplicate entry of id and machine name.


      I believed, database got broken for that particular machine group and i created new machine group and started moving machines from old group to thins new group. On a sudden after two days, around 30 machined were wiped out from database. Now total wiped machine count is near 60. I am afraid if this gonna increase this count.


      Please suggest if anyone have suggestions in this situation.