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    Windows 7 Action Centre Problem


      Now and then I get the popup from Windows 7 saying solve 2 Issues, and when I open up the Action Centre it is always McAfee, Spyware and Virus Protection, I click to start these programmes but nothing happens, I cannot open up McAfee at all either. The only solution I have found is a reboot of the PC and then all as it should be. I have scanned with McAfee and also other programmes to check for any malware or adware and nothing is showing up. So I am assuming this is a McAfee problem, either the programme is not fully loading on boot up or something else to which i have no idea what it is. A screen shot is attached, any ideas please.20141127144545909.png

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          If your McAfee SecurityCenter says it is protecting (green) then you can safely click the links in the above picture "Turn off messages.......".

          You can also, if you wish go to Control Panel > Security > Windows Defender and turn it on.  In Windows 7 this is OK, but not in any higher Windows version (8, 8.1, 10 etc.)

          You might want to run the Virtual Technician to see if it finds and fixes any problems.


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            Hi Nisa51

            Please check for Windows Updates and Install them. Reboot machine after see if issue occurs. You might need to Trust McAfee as a verified Publisher once you click the "Turn On" button.

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              Hi Chinthanai

              Windows Updates are up to date, so nothing new to install. The button you are referring to to turn on I did click the McAfee trusted one. After doing this I could not open McAfee programme at all double clicking the Icon or right click and open would not open. So I could not check to see if McAfee was green or not.


              The two errors showing would not go away I had to reboot the PC and all was fine then.


              I have had this happen before, it does not always happen just now and then.


              Next time it does I will try to open the Progamme first before I do anything and if it is green I will turn off those messages, but then why do we get this pop up?


              I have run Virtual Tech and nothing shows up all its fine.

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                Usually this happens around 90 secs after boot and goes away before 5minutes is reached. This has been happening for ages and can be ignored if McAfee green. McAfee has contacted Microsoft about this and to date no fix so I will revisit the issue and report it in our(mods) next meeting.

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                  Thank you Peacekeeper

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                    I had this error occur only a few mins ago, but I could not open the McAfee interface at all, not on the icon in the task bar, not the desktop shortcut and not even going to programmes and and try from there.


                    The action centre said that Windows firewall was on but McAfee firewall was off but even highlighting Mcafee in the box none of the boxes would light up to to turn Mcafee on and turn windows firewall off.


                    so I could not turn Mcafee on at all I had to reboot the PC. The image below is the action centre box for installed firewall programmes


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                      What version of McAfee 12.8 or 13.6? Ok I am on win8.1 and McAfee 13.6.1367 and issue doe snot occur will monitor this in a win7 PC later on.

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                        The picture you posted says things are OK.  McAfee is on and Windows FW is off.

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                                          Actually this is an issue displaying a Prompt stating that your McAfee Protection is (Not On).When actually it is. The problem being that on rare instances, Windows Action Center fails to recognize such. Should you check the running processes, it would say as much.


                                            To ease your mind, opposed to having to do a restart.


                                        1- Right click on your Time clock,start Task Manger.

                                        2- Left Click on Services (Top),Left click on Services (Bottom)

                                        3- You will now be in Services.Msc. Scroll down to Security Center(WSCSV)

                                        4- Double left click and open,change start-up setting to Disabled, apply, Stop Services ,ok.

                                        5- Open Services.msc again,repeat the procedure, however this time select start-up setting to

                                         Automatic (D), apply,start services, OK.

                                        6- You will now see that Windows Action Center recognizes McAfee, and all prompts will disappear.


                                        And most importantly will have the piece of mind knowing that your McAfee has indeed been on

                                        ever since Start-up.


                                        I might add that this is Windows7 Sp1.


                          All the best,


                          McAfee Community Moderator

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