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    Manual USB repository


      We have a need for a repository which is updated manually via usb . The reason behind this is internet traffic is very restricted at this site.

      We are running EPO 5.1


      Has anyone setup something similar?

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          Can you describe the situation a bit more?

          I assume we're talking about a distributed repo - is this right? If so, are the clients that will be using it controlled by an ePO server, or are they standalone?


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            Hi Joe,

            We do have a superagent at this remote site, this is currently powered off. VSAT is not allowed at the location, internet traffic is very restricted. The hosts are controlled by an ePO server.

            The hosts have been manually updated when someone visits, so should be running a recent dat

            I have been asked to find out the best way to keep the hosts updated.



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              OK, there's a couple of options then. Possibly the easiest would be to set up a UNC share on one of the machines, and then (via ePO) configure this as a repository for the clients on that site. If you configure it as a "local" repository, then the clients will not do a version check on the repo itself - i.e. they won't be checking to ensure that it's in sync with their ePO server's master repo - so you can populate it with a downloaded copy of the McAfee download site, and the clients should happily update.


              Hopefully that makes sense?


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                Thanks Joe, I understand what you are suggesting. I will give this a try shortly and update accordingly !