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    FASL Script basic construct


      Every FASL script starts with a basic construct eg,


      -     Some library includes

      -     Some FASL Variables,

                     FASL.vulnID  = 40672;
                     FASL.attackType  = ATTACK_NONINTRUSIVE;
                     FASL.protocol  = PROTOCOL_TCP;
                     FASL.os   = OSG_LINUX;
                     FASL.filtertype  = REGEXP_FILTER;
                     FASL.filters.osVersion = "(RHEL2\.1AS|RHEL2\.1ES|RHEL2\.1WS)";

      -    And a function faslmain(parms)


      I had some questions that I cannot find in the FASL documentation (fsldoc) either?? like,


      1) What are these variables used for especially "FASL.filters.osVersion"?

      2) What is the structure of the "parms" passed to the faslmain()??



      This question could be naïve but I couldn't find it anywhere . Let me know if someone has already figured it out.

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          The FASL variables at the top are used to identify the parameters used to determine when the check is run against a target system.   So in your example above, that check is identified as...

          1. Non-intrusive check
          2. Requests a TCP connection to the target device
          3. Runs only against systems with a major category of Linux
          4. Filters the potential scope of systems based on a Regex os filter, meaning the OS name must contain any of the osVersion information


          Per your second question, it is my understanding that parms is just a variable to allow you to pass a variable between different functions.