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    Problems with EPO console on latest version 5.1.1




      we successful upgraded our EPO environment to version 5.1.1 with all current hotfixes and patches. All is working fine except some screen issues as described below:


      1. If Iclick on the Dashboard to open a query which is showing some listed machines. Then select one or more machines to perform “Wake Up Agents”. After finishing that process the screen will be re-routed to the “System Tree”! Why that??? I expected to return to the former list where I selected the machines. That was the normal process in former EPO console version 4.6.8. All other performed actions will be re-routed to that listing screen and NOT to the “System Tree”.


      2. I’m missing the refresh button un EPO console version 5.1.1. F5 is a nice thing but where is the former refresh button so that everybody can decide by oneself.


      3. The new dashboard looks nice but I accustomed some views. So the circle diagram is showing on the left site and the text information is showing on the right side. Below that is a lot of free space as you can see in the attached picture. Is it possible to configure the information view like on console version 4.6.8? That means the circle diagram on top of the view and the text information below using the whole line with.



      4. After returning from any dashboard query to the dashboard (open and close any query), the shown information in all dashboard query windows will not be updated! “F5” is also not updating the dashboard queries information. I have to click on “Refresh” on any dashboard query windows. In EPO console version 4.6.8 all dashboard query windows were updated after opening and closing any dashboard query.


      Is there any possibility to solve the problems above? ”. I hope that are not a features but bugs to fix.


      Best regards,