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    How to block Qualys Vulnerability Scanner with VIPS, NIPS?


      My customer using Qualys Vulnerability Scanner to scan all Windows server (2003, 2008, and 2012) on VMWare environment (They're looking on Virtual Patch feature).


      The NSM 8.1 + VIPS integration are installed on ESX hosted to block VA scanner from QualysGuard.


      All IPS policies of Microsoft Vulnerability has been set action to blocked and all related of JAVA and Adobe has been blocked.


      NOW the VIPS can protect the VA Scanner from Qualys on Windows 2003 (Vulnerability reduce from 3xx to 7) but for Windows 2008 R2 the result still same as before apply policies (19x Vulnerabilities).


      I want to block Qualys VA, please recommend and help me to do it.




      Chaowanin S.