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    Delay in version update ??



      Some weird thing going on...

      I ran latest 7628xdat.exe file. It completed successfully and SuperDat.log shows that it was updated to version 7628.

      I checked in VirusConsole -> Help -> 'about' and it also shows that I have 7628.

      Now I'm running scan using command line and it logs that it was using version 7624 i.e. previous to update version.

      I ran scan 15 minutes after update.

      Could it be kind of delay ???

      Registry key AVEngine-AVDatVersion shows that I'm running 7628 and only scan log for some reason shows previous version 7624.

      Well I could rely on registry and help-about values ... but it's still not comfortable that scan log shows another version

      Any idea?


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          Just thinking ... why it still use old file definition ... could it be because I'm running managed agent and it somehow prevent me from my manual steps?

          Could it be that I should reboot the system in order to take effect ... no clue so far.

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            Hey Folks ...

            Any suggestions ??

            It practically blocks the reason for scan when I use the save virus definition file for weeks,

            Could I somehow reset it?

            I don't want to re-install McAfee .. but somehow tune it ...

            It's ridiculous that it updates every day for a new .DAT version, registry version is correct but log still points to old version ... like it stuck on something ...

            Any ideas ??

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              Have you tried this? Reading the documentation it looks like you need to update the DAT for the command line scanner differently as it does not use the standard DAT file for VSE


              UPDATING DAT FILES


              DAT files are not included with the Command Line

              Scanner package. They must be downloaded separately

              and copied to the location where the Command Line

              Scanner is installed.


              DAT files are contained in a single compressed


              file that you can download from the Internet.


              1.  Navigate to the FTP location



              2.  To gain access, type anonymous as your user name

                  and your email address as the password when



              3.  Look for a filename that is of the format

                  avvdat-nnnn.zip, where nnnn is the DAT version

                  number. This file contains the DAT files,

                  compressed in ZIP format.


              The number given to the file changes on a regular

              basis. A higher number indicates a later version

              of the DAT files.



              To use the new DAT files:


              1.  Create a download directory.


              2.  Change to the download directory, and download

                  the new compressed avvdat-nnnn.zip file.


              3.  Use a suitable compression utility to extract

                  the files from the .ZIP file into the

                  installation-directory. Ensure to extract

                  all the files.


              4.  Allow the updated files to overwrite the

                  existing DAT files.


              Your anti-virus software will now use the new DAT

              files to scan for viruses.

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                  So what are you trying to do with the command line scanner that you cant acheive with a managed scan? I have one scan running hourly to check memory and services for bad items, and then a managed weekly scan.

                  I'm asking as I'm interested to know what you are using the Command Line scanner for?

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                    I Have to use command line scan because I have 20 PC that should be updated daily automatically using batch scripts

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                      Well ... I looked again at this issue and also looked at McAfee 'Security Updates' site http://download.nai.com/products/datfiles/4.x/nai/readme.txt which states that user could use either DAT package installer, or "XDAT file" (my case) or Compressed DAT package (i.e. zip format)

                      Also noticing that registry has the value of the latest .DAT I still want to continue with xdat.exe file.

                      Any other suggestions why it does not pick up the latest version of .DAT?

                      Maybe I should re-install McAfee and try it again? Or might be some kind of configuration of those PC's prevent me from picking up latest version ?


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                        Are these the same machines that you mentioned in your other thread, which the licence has expired on?

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                          Yes, those are the same machines ... and I'm sorry ... I was wrong ... license did not expire (I misspelled it )

                          Those set of 20 PC's are the mixture of Win7 and WinXP.

                          A few of them work fine but most have the same weird issue: they got updated daily for the last xdat.exe ( the last one they have is 7640 ) but every time I try to start scan they use 7620.0 version of .DAT.

                          That's weird because registry key and help-about point to 7640 but OnDemandLog.txt states that it used 7620.0

                          No clue why it happened.

                          Any suggestion?


                          P.S. Should I care about OnDemandLog.txt .DAT value or rely on registry and help-about?

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