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    total protection prevented windows 7 optional updates


      I had to complete restore my Asus laptop.  I got some Windows 7 updates completed.  Realized I had to reinstall McAfee Total Protection before I went any further being connected online.  Went back to downloading and installing all those Windows updates but the laptop wouldn't even download them!!!  Since McAfee makes it so hard to find how to change settings and permissions to allow programs access to the internet I just uninstalled Total Protection.  Guess what.  Now WIndows is downloading and installing all the updates including the optional ones.


      I need to reinstall Total Protection but if it's going to prevent necessary programs like Windows Update from pulling from the internet, maybe I need to shop around for another protection software.  It's a shame.  I've been with McAfee for years and years but it keeps getting less and less user friendly.


      Any answers or instructions?


      Thanks in advance,