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    MEG Full backup


      Hi there, i want to upgrade my MEG from version 7.6 to 7.6.2.

      to ensure that the appliance get ****** up after the update process i want to make a full backup before.


      1. is it possible to attach another hard drive as backup store an force a diskbackup with acronis?

      2. if not. is there another working strategy to make a full backup of the machine?

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          Ryan Brady

          If this is a VM, then you can use the snapshot feature to roll back.  If this is a physical appliance, you can back up the configuration file via the GUI, there isn't a mechanism included to take a full disk snapshot that you can subsequently roll back to.  Any 3rd party solution like Acronis, would be something that McAfee wouldn't troubleshoot if there was a problem.  It also hasn't been through any sort of QA testing.  It is a use at your own risk situation.