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    connecting to remote computer across domains using virus scan console?


      When connecting to another domain to remotely scan I would have to run the virus scan console as an admin of that domain, because when I try to connect to a remote computer it says "your account must belong to the administrators group".

      I can RDP into the machines in those domains and run a scan but they are mostly logged into it.


      I created a batch file to use psexec in order to execute scans on machines in other domains, calling on the scan32.exe file in the McAfee install directory, but I am unable to view the scan results unless I connect via virus scan console or RDP.


      So as of right now all I can do is run the batch and RDP into machines at the end of the day to view their logs, or find another machine within that same domain to RDP into, then connecting to the machine I want to scan using that virus scan console.


      Is there any way to use Virus scan console to connect to a computer while sending different credentials than used to run the local VS console initially?