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    internet security for mac's firewall settings blocks apple's time capsule




      I'm having a new iMac and recently bought the internet security suite for mac.


      I also have a apple time capsule with is set as a wireless bridge after my router from the provider.

      The time capsule has a 2tB hard drive with can work such as a NAS in my home network.


      Now i also have 2 PC's withe mc Afee on it and there isn't any problem there.


      On the mac when i install my McAfee product it works fine. Maybe to fine cause now i can't acces my hard drive's anymore. Internet connection is working.

      When i uninstall Mc Afee all works well. of course i bought the extra product for the mac to get some extra protection.


      Can anyone tell me what settings to use on the firewall from McAfee on the Mac