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    Stonesoft SSL VPN 64 bit Windows




      My company installs a Stonesoft SSL VPN  (v1.5.201) client downloaded from a supplier website portal to gain access to a terminal emulator to access the supplier mainframe.  For clients running 64 bit versions of Windows, once logged into the Stonesoft SSL VPN, I lose the ability to browse other sites on the internet (using IE).  Once I logoff of the Stonesoft portal I can again browse the internet. 


      Only on 64 bit versions of Windows 7 Pro,

      IE 10 or 11,

      Running Java 7.0.450,


      I have installed the 64 bit version of the client installer.

      I have whitelisted the Stonesoft folder in Sophos.

      I have excluded the supplier websites in Sophos.

      I have tried running the 32 bit version of IE.


      Anyone run into similar problem?


      Thank you in advance,

      Brian Teddlie

      Wilson Company

      Dallas, TX