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    After installing McAffee agent on a client it updates and seems healthy but the server shows unmanaged


      I have been trying to remediate my unmanaged clients and am meeting with mixed results in repairing clients.

      I've tried using this script to remediate and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't



      @echo off
      START "" /w /b msiexec.exe /x {35C03C04-3F1F-42C2-A989-A757EE691F65} REMOVE=ALL REBOOT=R /q

      START "" /w /b \\ms240epo01\"Virus Scan Softwares"\"Framework Package for 8.8.1"\FramePkg8.1.exe

      START "" /w /b \\ms240epo01\"Virus Scan Softwares"\"Framework Package for 8.8.1"\VSE880LMLRP4\FramePkg_UPD.exe




      When it "doesn't work", what actually happens is that the agent reinstalls and appears to be happily updating(it will show a connection to our server and then get the correct DAT) but the server will show the client is unmanaged.


      In cases like this  I have found that I can go into add/remove programs and uninstall Virusscan Enterprise, and then run the script and this will cause the agent to eventually reinstall everything and it will become managed(with a duplicate entry showing in EPO, so I have to delete the old unmanaged entry.) This can take up to four hours before it shows correctly on the EPO server.


      I also have a co-worker who does a full manual uninstall of the agent and scanner that includes a manual removal of the registry entries. This is cumbersome, but once you do it and run framepkg8.1 it will pick it up on the server in about fifteen minutes.


      Is there a better way to fix unmanaged clients? I'm really looking for a way to 100% reliably remediate clients in a timely manner when I make remote users bring them in. Something that will work over VPN (F5) would be even better. An emailable script that works on VPN is ideal.