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    EPO server shows current communication but is not showing correct DAT version for client




      I regularly run a filter that shows me which computers have a DAT version more than 6 versions old. I usually have about 30 computers that it says are out of date, but there are always about five that show today as the last communication date.

      I had a theory that maybe these computers were starting the comm/update process but not completing, so I got a few of them into the office to confirm this and to my surprise, they all had the most current DAT version. I did another manual update on the client and after that, the server did update to say that they had the most current DAT.


      So... they are getting the DAT and the server is showing they have communicated, but it does not always correctly update its record of what DAT they have. Running the update multiple times will resolve this reporting error, but, as these are remote machines that only update while on VPN, getting the users to run it once is trouble enough.


      Is there a client side or server side fix for this?