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    McAfee Agent 5.0 using the proxy setting for downloads from ePO


      Hello, I am facing the following issue with ePO 5.1.1 and McAfee Agent 5.0. When I set the Agent Proxy policy to use the IE proxy settings, and I try to push the VSE to this machine from ePO the task fails, the error in the mcscript_error.log is that the download of the SiteStat.xml from the ePO and the repositories failed. I can see in the McScript.log that it is attempting to use the proxy to download this file, which should not be happening.

      Also if the VSE is already installed, the update tasks also fail with unable to find valid repository error. As soon as I remove the proxy in IE, or set the Agent policy for Proxy to "Do not use a proxy", the issue is resolved.


      In agent 4.8 the proxy setting was enforced only for external communication with the McAfee sites, and not for the communication to ePO and repositories. On the other hand even if I configure correct exceptions for the ePO server in the IE proxy settings, the issue is still present, the exceptions are not applied at all, eve if I set them to " * ".


      Has anyone faced the same issue?