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    Proxy HA and load balancing.

    anas 14

      Hello All.


      we have a cluster of two appliances . we used to use the DNS to balance the load between them.

      now we upgraded the appliances software to 7.4.2 and configured them in Proxy HA mode.


      we have tested the HA  and it works properly, but without load balancing.

      first node ip address: X.X.X.30/24 (director)

      second node ip address X.X.X.31/24

      the virtual ip address X.X.X.32/24


      How to configure the load balancing between the two appliances with HA?


      another question please, when any user changes the proxy settings from x.x.x.32 (VIP) to x.x.x.30 or .31 he still able to access  the internet. is there any way on MWG to prevent any computer from accessing  the internet using .30 or .31 as a proxy server ?





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          if the load is not shared across the node it might be a reason that you have not configured the "Port Redirects" in the Configuration -> Proxies tab, right below the Proxy HA settings. Only ports listed here are picked up by the network driver and are shared between the nodes.


          Also please note that "Source IP" is the criteria used for sharing the load, so if all requests come from a single IP address (NAT, downstream proxy, etc) load sharing can't be applied.


          Restricting access to the VIP only could be done with a firewall sitting between clients and MWG. On MWG itself it is required that the proxy port is opened as otherwise the cluster health check fails which causes nodes to be marked as "offline".




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            M Bagheryan M

            I am suggesting you to follow this:

            Load-balance configuration:


            end users use as explicit proxy, is 'Director VIP'.

            director (active):

            director (passive):

            scanning node:



            Master Director:

            B.png   C.png

            Backup Director:

            D.png   E.png

            Scanning only node:

            F.png  G.png

            Note:  Here you can see the best practice with attached file which you can use in both Proxy or Transparent Mode.

            Good Luck.

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              anas 14

              Many Thanks asabban & M. BM.