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    MAC OSX Agent issues




        I am running EPO Server 5.1.1 and it is working great with our PC's.  For the MACs we are running EPO Agent 4.8 with Endpoint protection for MAC 2.2, McAfee Virus-Scan for MAC 9.6.  When i create and download the package everything seems to go just fine.  I then either push the agent via BigFix or install it manually on the machine and the agent seems to install alright and it seems to communicate, but the virus-scan piece does not seem to install correctly and when launched the agent returns an error code of -1.  Any ideas?  is it a Virus-Scan issue or does it sound like more of an Agent issue (which is what i am thinking)?  Has anyone seen this before?


      Any help is greatly appreciated and i can provide more detailed information if needed.