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    EPO5x Client Task to Force Uninstall CMA


      Is there a was to use EPO to force an uninstall of the CMA?


      For me deleting the PC and checking the box to uninstall the CMA doesn't work.


      I really don't want to visit each of my problem PC and run the "C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\FrmInst.exe" /forceuninstall command.


      When creating a client task for deployment of the CMA you only get the install option but can I put the /forceuninstall command in the Command line box uninstall the CMA?

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          I believe with McAfee Agent 5.0 you can do it via client task, but not with 4.8 or lower. I haven't tried to add that in the cmd box, which i dont think will work but you could always test it.

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            You can't force-uninstall the agent via a task: the task would be invoked by the agent, which would then be trying to force-uninstall itself.


            What are you trying to achieve? You should not need to use the forceuninstall switch in normal operation...


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              We are in the process of doing a double domain migration.

              I have an epo server in each domain.

              The new and middle domain are running epo5x and use AD for the system lists.

              The middle epo5x server is managing old and middle domain.

              Current epo5x server is a copy (moved the DB) middle epo5x and then i added the new AD system list.

              So the current epo5x is managing (can see) alll three domains.  All three are listed.

              I only use the current epo5x server to manage the current domain.


              So my issue is when we move a PC from the middle domain to the current domain, i can't force install the current epo5x server CMA agent.

              What i am having to do is go to the PC and uninstall/reinstall the CMA.

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                Would this help?


                The Agent uses either the last known IP address, DNS name, or NetBIOS name of the ePO server. If you change any one of these, ensure that the Agent has a way to locate the server. The easiest way to do this is to retain the existing DNS record and change it to point to the new IP address of the ePO server. After the Agent is able to successfully connect to the ePO server, it downloads an updated SiteList.xml with the current information.