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    Change %DEFLOGDIR% location



      I want to change location where reports of scan will be placed.

      I have a few systems and for each scan the have this in Report Tab:



      since I have many machines I want to change that location for some external shared folder, in this folder I created a subfolder for each PC and then it'll be easy for me to analyze that log rather that do it on each machine.

      Well I setup system and user variables to remote mapped drive ( not using UNC path ) with the values to those subfolders BUT it did not have effect i.e. log was not written there.

      The log was written to %DEFLOGDIR%Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan\OnDemandScanLog.txt

      Is it hard coded somewhere? it's not a big deal as long as on each machine the file will be prepended by Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan. I checked registry but didn't find anything interesting ..


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          Hi Susja,


          Are you using batch file or normal VSE? I am already confused


          If you using VSE Command line scanner you could use this as a parameter >\\namesharefolder\filename.txt


          Best regards,


          Jose Maria

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            Hi Jose Maria

            I do not have CLS. Hence I could use either VSE Console or scan32

            I know that scan32 is not right choice    but it works for me. It does what I want except correct logging. Logging is minor in my case because it logs just not exactly where. I want.

            Currently I am prototyping concept only on one PC. Then I will do the same on the rest.

            Thanks again for for your input. I will play with your suggestion but I had impression that it does not accept UNC path.

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              Hi susja,


              Can you post your command line? Depending on the line you are using VSE will run a particular job. Which job is the question. Under that job is the settings that need changing, which will allow you to locate properly, the log file.


              Keep in mind that if you are going to centrally locate the log files, you will want to make each 'log' file a Unique name (base it on the machine name or something) so that multiple system scans will not log to the same file. Try to avoid file locking issues.


              Post your command line that you are using so we can better understand which job is issued.


              Ron Metzger

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                I found the problem with %DEFLOGDIR% in my case.

                The problem was that I tried to send it to windows share and it didn't work as expected.

                What I did was ... in VirusConsole I explecetely put location for the log like C:\Temp\abc\OnDemandLog.txt

                I did this on each machine and at the end of batch file it copies that file to shared folder. Each folder is unique hence no collision.

                So I don't have a problem with %DEFLOGDIR% anymore because I don't use it

                Regarding the line I'm using ... here it is:

                scan32.exe /Task {ED73BEB7-1E8F-45AC-ABBC-A749AF6E2710}


                Thanks for your support!

                The last problem that I have I described in another thread Delay in version update ??