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    mcshield.exe remains 'established' according to netstat and TCPview after going offline.


      While checking netstat (via netstat -a) after going offline, I noticed that only one connection - mcshield.exe, IP - is always Established. I also ran TCPView just for clarification, and it says the same. Any info I could find on mcshield.exe shows it as a component of McAfee On-Access Anti-virus Scanner, but it seems to have something of a questionable rep amongst users.


      With that all said, is it supposed to remain Established when offline? I've never seen this listed before today, and I'm curious whether or not it's a trojan etc. For what it's worth, my mcshield.exe is located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\mcafee\AMCore, which is generally said on most sites to be a 'safe' location, but I'm not sure. And if it's an issue, how do I resolve it?

      Thanks in advance!