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    Moving ePO from Lab to production, changing host name and IP


      The issue I came across is that in the lab (I should mention this is a VM of Server 2008 R2 with ePO 4.6.8 on D: drive and SQL on C: drive on the same server) the server was labeled LAB-xxx-epo01, now in production we use a different IP and the prefix lab will be changed to the production prefix DOD00-XXX-EPO01 (due to security issues, will not use real server names). Now, I have changed the SiteList.xml to SiteList.xml.old and changed the Server.ini info to match the current server name and IP). I am able to log into SQL management studios by using localhost. Now the issue I am having is the eposql account will not connect using https://<epo server name:port>/core/config and after 3 attempts my eposql account is locked. What am I missing to get the SQL database (name will stay same for SQL  DB) to connect to the ePO server again.


      I realize I could just rebuild from scratch, however, I am already under a microscope to get this project completed ASAP. I do not have the time as I am the ONLY ePO architect/engineer/admin on site.

      I have read both KB66616 & KB52126, not sure these will help.