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    Multi_Criminal Bot removal help please


      I received an alert from Comcast that one or more of my computers has a BOT.

      I went to the McAfee community site and ran the below recommended programs

      as suggested.


      SCAN with McAfee in Safe mode (nothing found)

      McAfee Stinger (nothing found)

      McAfee RootkitRemover (nothing found)

      Malwarebytes (nothing found)


      I ran GetSusp and submitted the logs with my email address as well.

      I have the logfiles from Stinger and RootkitRemover, they are attached.

      I am not the most computer savvy person and am not sure why Comcast is seeing

      a BOT but none of the above have been able to find it.


      The BOT name according to Comcast is Multi_CriminalClick_ClickThrough.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you,



      ( Removed Attatched Text Logs @ Request of OP - By Moderator )