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      I have had four others pop up and here they are.  I will post them separately as per the instructions.







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          Actually could you by chance have meant (SUBMIT) the Artemis, opposed to (Post) them as instructed?

          For this is basically a (Duplicate Thread) containing the other detections.

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            I am not sure.  I do not know what these blocked items are, I just want to fix the problem and get rid of the virus, if that is indeed what it is. Am I getting these as a result of having a virus? This just started a few weeks ago.  I have done nothing up till now except choose to "delete" them but a little while later I get another different "Artemis" that is blocked and quarantined.  I don't know what is causing this, so I am trying to follow your instructions to proceed with a solution to the problem.  If I am not understanding the appropriate procedure please clarify.

            Thank you

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              Also, I did download the getsusp, and let it run its scan.  No suspicious files were found.  I am not sure if I needed to actually submit each of these to McAfee so they can see if they are actually virus's or just let it scan my computer.  I did not see a place in the gesusp that I could manually enter them and send them to McAfee for testing.

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                Artemis! Detections are ones that are detected as Unknown/Suspicious and has yet to be analyzed or added to the McAfee GTI Database. Evidently you are accessing/opening a file or program that causes your protection to detect as such.


                You can follow the Guidelines/Instructions on how to submit each one individually, and upon successful submission will receive an Analysis ID # for your submittals, through a confirmation from McAfee Labs.


                Or you can choose to run the McAfee Getsusp Tool as suggested in the link I inserted, and it will submit them all. You would then receive a confirmation from McAfee Labs with a Work Item ID #.


                After doing so, You could possibly run the Latest McAfee Stinger (Read how to Use) followed up with Malwarebytes (Free) for a second Opinion. To keep it (Free) DO NOT accept any Free Trial Offers/or Activate the Paid product all throughout the entire Download/Installation process.


                I would go one step further and run AdwCleaner as well. These Superb Free Tools and more can be obtained in the following Link :

                Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

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                  Could you Kindly inform me what Version of Protection you have? Also, please open your McAfee UI, and click on Navigation/Quarantined and Trusted Items/Quarantined  Potentially Unwanted Programs and see if there are any Dectections listed?

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                    Actually I see in your Profile, you seem to be running McAfee Total Protection.

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                      That is correct. It looks like version 13.6 and 17.6 for the spyware.  That is where I got the ones I have posted, they were listed in the quarantined items.  I went ahead and elected to remove them.  At the moment there are none in there but I expect a new one will appear eventually.

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                        These two just appeared again in the scan.  I am able to delete and/or quarantine most of them except this first one says it cannot be deleted.  I have gotten this first artemus alias more than once.  Once again I did allow the getsusp to run its scan but do not know how to use it further if there are other other things I need to do to send any or all of these to MacAfee for further investigation.

                        Artemis!C649BD38C313  Appeared more than once


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                          Did you ever follow the Guidelines/Instructions I gave you in this thread?Artimis!C649BD38C313

                          The problem is that you cannot submit the Artemis! Files if they are quarantined. In addition, Have you ran any of the Anti-Malware Tools I suggested ?