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    VirusScan false positive


      hello guys,


      I know that i should't do that but yesterday at work I plugged my HDD on my company’s PC which ran Mcafee Virusscan Entreprise and Windows XP, it automatically launched an analysis and the worst thing happened ! It detected hundreds mp3 files as W32/getcodec viruses. The network administrators became crazy because of all the alerts brought up to them.


      I have had these files for years now and no antivirus mark them as viruses so once back at home i downloaded the latest version of Mcafee Virusscan Entreprise with the free trial to test my drive with several .DAT database(7500, 7545 and 7622) on Windows 7, but it found nothing at all !


      To be sure I tested many of the potentially infected files on virustotal.com but then again nothing.


      So my question is could it be a false positive from the Virusscan of my company ? or is the operating system involved ? Or is there a special module to find this kind of virus ? I really don't understand.

      And can a Mcafee Technician test my files to tell me if they are infected ?


      Thanks for your answer.