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    Aliases not going through McAfee servers therefore getting blocked


      After implementing the Spam protection a few weeks ago we decided to lock down our Exchange server to only receive email from the McAfee servers as suggested.  Our primary smtp addresses have been routing through McAfee servers just fine however,  we have some email accounts that use our domain aliases and those accounts point to our default mx record and are then get blocked since we are only accepting smtp traffic from McAfee. Here is an example. I have accounts where the primary smtp address is john.doe@domain.com and has an aliase of j.doe@domain.com which go through the McAfee servers and get delivered with no problems.  However,  I have accounts that are configured as such.... primary smtp record of  blah@domain.com and I have an aliases under that account of blahblah@otherdomain.com   From what I gather since blahblah@otherdomain.com is only an alias of blah@domain.com the smtp traffic is sent directly to our exchange server not mcafee's servers and gets blocked.  I have setup domain aliases in the SaaS settings but since these email aliases are not primary accounts with different domain names they do not go through because of the firewall lock-down.  How do I get around this?  Do I have to add or purchase more primary domains for my SaaS account?