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    GTI proxy and DTLS


      I have installed a GTI proxy and I can only use DTLS with port 443 to go to GTI.

      If I configure the GTI proxy appliance via the EPO

      1) I click on Edit of current configuration

      2)Use one of these options to get Forwarder Server IP's -> Get from McAfee Agent

         => list empty

           and when I see to the loggings of our firewall I see a drop from the GTI-proxy to ns-a.mcafee.com via port 53, this is normal because only 443 is allowed.

           Do I have to open port 53 to ns-a.mcafee.com?




      c Select the SSL Option to use a secured SSL layer over the UDP protocol to access the McAfee GTI


      d Select how you want to get the Forwarder IP addresses for the Use one of the options to get Forwarder


      Server IP's setting.





      If I select enable SSL, I can't enter forwarder IP manually so 

      Question :

      Can I enable SSL and Enter Forwarder IP manually